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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

New Ghost Hunters Tonight

Tonight is the premiere of the eagerly-anticipated Ghost Hunters spin-off, Ghost Hunters International, as well as the new half-season of the original series on Sci-Fi. They have been running a marathon of the show all day, but I was so busy paying bills and arguing with companies that I did not watch much of it. Of course, I've already seen them all at least twice, so it's not like I missed anything.

Tonight, the original team goes back to the St. Augustine Lighthouse, which yielded some of the best results of any investigation yet on the first visit. Steve didn't get to see any of it due to his fear of heights. And spiders. And flying. And running water. And darkness. And lights.

Following that comes the new series, headed by internet celebrity, Brian 'Dude, run!' Harnois. They will be at England's Chillingham Castle.

I'll be sure to let you know my take on both episodes either later tonight or tomorrow, but make sure you catch them for yourself!

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