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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Last Night's Ghost Hunters

Well, I was wrong about last night's regular Ghost Hunters being the premiere for their half-season; it was a special of some sort where they re-investigated the St. Augustine Lighthouse. And they found more evidence to reinforce their original findings, which suggested the lighthouse is actually haunted -- quite a bit of evidence, in fact. Aside from that, a lot of the episode was highlights from the previous investigation. If you missed it, rest assured it will be rerun between now and the new season and will definitely pop-up in one of the numerous marathons. Like a lot of them, it's worth watching, but you didn't miss much.

After that came the premiere of the new spin-off, Ghost Hunters International. I was also wrong in thinking that Brian Harnois was the leader of this TAPS branch; that honor belongs to some guy I do not know and never saw on any of the other series' episodes whose name I do not recall. I have to admit, I wasn't too impressed with him because he seemed overly-dismissive of the evidence and had what seemed to me to be a very pompous attitude with the whole, "My goal is to lead this team from a scientific perspective," routine. The original series takes a very scientific-based approach to their investigations -- that is part of what has made the show so popular, in fact.

Actually, as far as that goes, this team tried to exorcise one haunting by burning some of the offerings the ghost -- or memory of whom the local populace believes the ghost to be. The original team has never done anything like this -- they usually just record evidence. They have invited clergymen and religious believers to perform certain rites on occasion, but that's as far as they've gone in that direction.

Still, Ghost Hunters International was a good show and I'm definitely interested in learning more about hauntings around the world, so I'll be watching.

Altogether, not a bad night of reality TV viewing. And I guess all the rumors about Harnois and company's dismissal and/or leaving TAPS was more bark than bite, so that's cool.

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