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Monday, January 7, 2008

Two Birds with One Stone... So to Speak

After a series of attacks on humans, unemployed youths in India have been given a rather unusual job: sterilizing monkeys with lasers! Seriously.

Apparently, the monkey problem is so bad that the mayor of one province fell to his death from his balcony during a monkey invasion and 25 others were injured when a single monkey went on a monkey-spree through the city streets! The monkeys have also been stealing food from farms as the lands in which they normally dwell are being deforested.

This is one of those weird times when the phrase I hate so much, "did it to themselves" is actually appropriate: not only have they destroyed the animals' natural habitat, devout Hindus encourage the monkeys to frequent public places where they feed them, believing them to be the manifestation of the god Hanuman.

The idea has drawn stern condemnation from many, who insist the youths will not be able to handle the equipment appropriately and poorly "sterilized" monkeys will become even more aggressive.

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