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Friday, January 11, 2008

Weekend at Virgilio's

A couple of criminals with a past of heroin addiction really needed a fix, so they wheeled their buddy down to the NYC office to cash his social security check. Problem was, their buddy was dead.

An off-duty police officer was enjoying a meal at a local restaurant when he noticed a pair of junkies rolling what he thought was a mannequin down the street in a red office chair. When onlookers began encircling them and making a display, the officer finally decided to see what was going on. He thought it may have been some kind of stunt, but upon closer examination, he realized the corpse in the office chair was very real.

Turns out, the couple had tried to cash Virgilio Cintron's SSI check but when the cashier demanded the recipient be present, the two went back to his apartment, threw his dead body in the chair, and wheeled him on down to the office.

When paramedics arrived, the two feigned surprise, saying, "Oh my God, he's gone?"

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