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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

As Technology Advances...

I know we have fallen off the paranormal wagon here in recent months, but as I have said time and again, that is partially because there just isn't that much "breaking news" in those departments.

But, as I have also said time and again, I do want The OddBlog to be more than just a blog about such things - I want it to become a repository for solid information on such subjects. To those ends, I have been lying down on the job lately and I apologize for that.

I have tons of sources and have "researched" this subject my entire life (meaning to say, I have read-up on it a lot and made notes, cross-references, and so forth in many of my books), so I have insights and accounts to share, but like I have noted on the other blogs, living alone, doing taxes, running several blogs and a website... it's hard to find time for each and every project - especially when the project involves some serious effort and time-investment.

But I am done making excuses - especially for The OddBlog.

While I have absolutely no idea how to fix the RSS feed, I am going to sit down this very night and outline some major, "key" posts that I will be presenting throughout the next few weeks, including one I have been writing and rewriting over the past week or so on technological advances and humanity.

There have been a flood of stories lately on how technological advancements are going to affect humanity in coming years -- many of which are very Cyberpunk in nature and appear to be very valid! It's pretty exciting stuff, but the post is long and in writing it, I realized how important it might be for the blog - not to mention that, no sooner had I made this point or that one than yet another article appeared!

That's one of the things about this blog: nothing happens for months/years on-end, then a big story breaks and it updates and twists and turns so quickly, so often, that it becomes hard to keep-up with. A kind of "hurry-up and wait" situation that explodes into a "stay on top of it" matter literally overnight... before going right back to its former status.

Anyway, there are already several key posts in the archives that I intend to call more attention to and highlight. While they can be difficult to find, they are worth reading and I highly suggest that, if you enjoy reading about this stuff, you spend a little time digging around!

And thanks for being so patient!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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