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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Post 666!

Avert your eyes! This is, indeed, post number 600 and 66.

Technically, since several posts are in draft form (they have been written, or mostly written, but not yet published), you cannot see all 666. However, I had to note this occasion due to the nature of this blog and the fact that it's just kinda cool.

The number 666 is often scorned by Christians due to the fact that it appears in the book of Revelation as "the number of the Beast." Many Christians will go out of their way to avoid association with the number - in fact, a Louisiana town recently had their phone number prefix changed because of it!

However, many scholars and theologians dispute the actual number, noting it might be a mistake of translation. Further, the actual significance of the digits are also disputed. Some think it may refer to Julius Caesar, who was in charge when the book was most likely first written. As Christians were persecuted, the number may have been used as a sort of "code" to avoid such tyranny.

So, avert your eyes and flee for the safety of your kitchen or bathroom, or maybe your hallway or bedroom. Or you can go into the garage or out on the porch, or maybe the sundeck, if you have one.

This has been the 666th post.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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