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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ghostbreakers Gain Relevance?

A British housing council paid a psychic a little over $100 to exorcise an elemental manifestation, as it was the cheapest method of assuaging the tenant.

To their credit, the council -- and the tenant and her family -- truly believe the place is haunted and were not simply trying to shut her up.  23 year-old Sabrina Fallon claims to have experienced moving objects and even called police to report loud noises which frightened her and her children.

The housing council paid half the psychic's fee and now believes the place is free of activity.

Fallon said the incidents began shortly after Christmas.  While the family was away, her brother-in-law let himself in to check on things.  He later called her, "crying like a girl," and told her he had heard whispers and voices from upstairs. When he threatened to call police, a nightgown floated down the staircase and landed at his feet.

The family has been traumatized by the events, but says the place now has a "lovely atmosphere."

©C Harris Lynn, 2008

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