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Thursday, February 21, 2008


While there is a slew of paranormal and Supernatural -based reality shows these days, one of the best scripted, fictional shows on the tube is none other than that which bears the very name, Supernatural.

Sam and Dean Winchester were raised to be Demon-hunters by their father, after their mother was murdered by one. Now, they scour the countryside, fighting The Good Fight.

While the show owes more to Chill than to the actual Occult, Supernatural is the most entertaining show on TV - hands down! It is funny, dramatic, action-packed, thought-provoking, and - like almost no other "horror" show on TV now (or ever, for that matter) - actually scary! And it does not back-down from any of these things; when it is funny, it is funny and when it is scary, it is scary. Unlike a lot of horror entertainment, Supernatural doesn't throw on the cheese just to divert your attention from the mind-numbingly banal.

And while it may seem this post better fits The Rundown, I really wanted to turn The OddBlog readers onto it because I know you will enjoy it.

Regardless of your preferences in entertainment, please check out Supernatural - you will not be disappointed.

©C Harris Lynn, 2008

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