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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Maintenance Time Again

Hey guys. Sorry to leave you on a sponsored post yesterday, but Blogger got to acting-up again once I submitted it; took about two hours to publish the damned thing and I didn't feel like fooling with it after that.

I also had some unexpected company drop by yesterday and spent the afternoon visiting. I have some posts to get out to you today that I wanted to post yesterday but didn't get to.

Then I am going to take the blog back offline again so I can do more maintenance. I still have not figured out how to fix the feed. The craziest thing is that both feeds (atom and FeedBurner) appear in the Status page as though they posted normally! I just don't get it. I would really love any advice anyone can offer.

I have not been promoting the blog because of these issues and until I get them cleared-up, I am not going to. It will likely take a few more weekends before I get to that point, so I apologize that there aren't more comments in general.

Anyway, hope everyone's having a good weekend and I'm going to publish these posts I have here, then get back to the technical work.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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