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Friday, February 29, 2008

Sweeping Changes

The time is upon us:

I have been discussing possible technical changes a lot lately and I have tried things here and there, but this weekend is The Big One: I am going to completely change the template, try once again to fix the feed, and get back to work on the tags.

The problem is that, every time I change a single post or the template, it takes up to five whole minutes for it to publish. That means that changing a tag on a single post, which takes maybe 10 seconds at most, can then take another five minutes to publish! When you think about it, I should be able to get through around 100 posts within an hour or two if all I needed to do was delete a few tags; instead, I am sometimes able to get to ten!

But after much plotting and planning (well, okay, not that much), I think I have devised a way to speed the entire process up by leaps and bounds. Regardless of how long it takes, I am sick and tired of putting it off and tired of looking at the damned thing! Every time I see the blog, it reminds me of failure and how much work I have to do, so nothing's going to change until I change it, and I have decided to do exactly that.

After all, I had been putting off the same work on both Weird Ink and The Rundown and when I finally broke down and did it, they both went through very smoothly and I am very pleased with what I accomplished on both, even though I am nowhere near done on either.

If you have problems loading the blog, this is why.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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