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Friday, March 28, 2008

Man Molested by Bigfoot

A 57 year-old man sentenced to 20 years in jail for soliciting minors over the Internet claimed that he had been molested as a child in New Hampshire

By Bigfoot.

While he pleaded Guilty to charges of Solicitation, his Defense Attorney said he understands that the man has mental issues. The judge and deputy who led the investigation do not believe in such things as "mental illness" and sentenced the man to 20 years in a Virginia prison.

While there is no question the man needs to be locked away from general society, only an idiot cop and judge would contend that any man who believes he was sexually molested by Bigfoot is mentally competent to stand trial. He is at least as smart as any cop or judge -- but that's like saying Britney Spears is at least as good a singer as Bigfoot.

Unfortunately, the South is known for its hostility, bigotry, and intolerance, and this one is a no-winner. No matter the situation, the man needs to be removed from society -- but, seeing as how he appears delusional, the question isn't whether or not he should be removed but where he should be placed. Somewhere he can receive medication, and maybe help for his issues -- or a prison where they will abuse him repeatedly for a crime he may very well not have been mentally fit enough to understand was wrong.

It is important to remember that legal officials have a financial and political stake in sending people to prison: Regardless of the crime, this judge can now garner favor with other uneducated, intolerant bigots -- referred to as his "constituency." Further, the more people imprisoned means more federal money the state gets for "overcrowding." 

After all, hookers and dope -- like the US military -- don't pay for themselves, people!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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