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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth Tonight!

Just a quick reminder that season 4 of Ghost Hunters and season 2 of Destination Truth both kick-off tonight on the Sci-Fi Channel!

Ghost Hunters starts at 8:00 (CST), though they are showing old episodes right now and likely have been all day (I slept-in) and Destination Truth is on following (9:00, CST). Of course, I will review both afterward, as usual. I'm pretty sure tonight's episode features the footprint the crew found that made international headlines a few months back.

The History Channel is pulling no punches, with a new episode of UFO Hunters on against Destination Truth. I'm going to go on record as predicting that Truth will prevail in the ratings, but UFO Hunters is a great show, so set your reminders for 1:00 AM (CST) to catch the repeat.

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