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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Now You See

Now you see what I was talking about when I said this was a big undertaking.

Right now, you are being redirected from the original site here because I have to use this method to arrange the template, not to mention that it is much faster and easier this way. Hopefully, this will also fix the feed, but since it has been down for so long and it usually takes like 24-48 hours to resynch, we won't know until Monday or after. In fact, the whole thing may take longer than that - I am not sure.

This is not the new address for The OddBlog, however it may remain this way for another 30 days or so, until after everything has settled down and (hopefully) the feed is working; I will then move it back to its regular URL on the site. Besides, it is going to take some time for me to play around and decide on what I am keeping, what I am dropping, and what I want to play with.

Obviously, I need to get into the tags today, before I do much of anything else... I told you they were a mess! Of course, I have plenty of other things to get to as well, so I can do only so much at one time.

I hope you enjoy the new design and that the changes make it easier for me to work with. The easier it is to do, the more productive I am - meaning more content for you to enjoy!

I'd love to hear any and all comments!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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