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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Peruvian Meteorite Rewrites Rules

We reported on the strange happenings surrounding (what is thought to be) a meteorite's landing in Peru last year.

While that fiasco made headline news -- with even major, international sources insinuating that there just might have been more to it than meets the eye -- scientists say the real news isn't the inexplicable illnesses or fireball in the sky many witnesses reported: The real news is that the meteorite should have burned-up long before it hit the Earth's surface.

There was no mention of the absolutely ridiculous "scientists'" attempts to explain-away how stupid these uneducated Peruvian "witnesses" are.

Regardless, experts are now saying the event may rewrite what science thought it knew about meteorites and how they "work," as usually only metal meteorites make it through the atmosphere intact enough to cause such an impact.  Further, the speed at which the meteorite entered, and traversed through, the atmosphere was much faster than would be expected.

In fact, the scientists admitted "many thought this was fake."

The hypothesis at this point is that the velocity of the meteorite kept the meteorite fragments held closely so together that the body acted as a solid mass.  In fact, the forces at work might even have caused the particles to reconstitute into a solid mass.   Another theory is that the object was actually slow-moving and entered at a slanted angle, which caused it to break into larger pieces than normal.

However, not everyone buys either theory and many are calling for searches for iron and other metallic ores; they are not 100% the object was a stony meteorite.

But, ever true-to-form, alleged scientists insist the reported illnesses were due to "mass hysteria" and reports of livestock deaths were exaggerated.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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