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Monday, March 31, 2008

Stonehenge Excavation Begins

The first excavation at Stonehenge in almost 45 years gets underway today.

Headed by two of Europe's leading experts on the site, Professors Tim Darvill and Geoff Wainwright, the excavation seeks to find pieces of the original inner circle of bluestones that are believed to have been the first monument erected on the site. The stones at the center of the structure, are thought to have once been believed magical. Darvill and Wainwright traced them back to their original source - the Preseli hills in Wales - and found that inscriptions at the site show that ancient people believed the stones, area, and waters surrounding them to have been magical.

Darvill and Wainwright have postulated the theory that Stonehenge was built as a sort of "Neolithic Lourdes," where the afflicted traveled in hopes of a Supernatural cure. Further evidence to bolster their claim comes from remains recovered at the site - many of which show signs of trauma and of having traveled a great distance to visit the site.

Their hope is that the dig will show that the original flooring of Stonehenge was placed with bluestone chippings purposely included. This, they believe, will cement their theory as the correct one for why the ancient structure was built.

I, for one, would like to see at least one of the professors twist a coathanger into an ancient shape and aim it at the stones - just to see if it will electrify them. That would be proof of something! Exactly what, I am not prepared to say at this time.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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