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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Good morning ladies and germs!

Today will be sketchy, as I have to change the template over to Weird Ink. I like the one that's on there, but it just doesn't work for my purposes -- hell, it only half-works, period. The interesting thing is that I have more material for this blog than for any of the others this week, and I will be getting it out to you, but this takes precedence.

I had meant to bring you some posts on the history of the Spring holidays and every time they came up, something happened -- I got sick, something broke, I was under deadline, etc. -- so I'll have those to do next year. But there have been a lot of scientific developments and goings-on lately that I'm sure you will be interested in, and I'll to get to them when I can.

I also have to get back here and tweak the place out. I've been having so many issues tweaking the other blogs that I grew leery of the process, and have been putting it off. Maybe I can get to that sometime today, as well -- we'll see how things go.

Don't forget our archives -- there are tons of great posts here: You can find something to interest you simply by clicking on one of the subjects listed in the sidebar.

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