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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ghost Hunt in Asylum? That's Crazy!

We recently brought you news from Iowa, where the local Historical Society had petitioned the town council for permission to have a small, professional group carry out a paranormal investigation in an old asylum. It looked like things were smooth-sailing and we looked forward to bringing you the details... but not so fast.

The Johnson County Board of Supervisors has changed its mind about allowing the investigation, because officials at the former asylum itself, now a home for the mentally ill (which is... different from an asylum?) called Chatham Oaks, oppose it! Yes, the very people whom the investigation was set to help do not want the area -- once an asylum, now Chatham Oaks Home for the Mentally Ill -- investigated.

The Carroll Area Paranormal Team requested access to the building due to persistent rumors of a haunting. They planned to spend a single night at Chatham Oaks, armed with the requisite paranormal investigators' kit.

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