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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Medical Assoc. Gives Away Daughter's Organs, Consigns Mom to Death

Rachel Leake has suffered from imminent kidney failure for nearly a decade. Her daughter, a lifetime asthma sufferer, died on April 2nd, and was a registered organ donor. While she wanted her organs to go to her mother, Britain's Human Tissue Authority (HTA) intervened, stole the dead woman's organs, and gave them away to strangers.

In general, donors' organs are given to those who need them most (according to a list), but in cases such as these, the HTA and other medical organizations with similar responsibilities most certainly should make exceptions. Obviously the daughter wanted to help anyone who could benefit from her organs; what should be just as obvious is that she would have preferred to help her mother over others because, well... it's her mother.

While some who commented on this issue said they had family members who had survived thanks to the organ donor list, thus they believe the system "works," that's plain selfishness -- the same kind of selfishness they are indirectly accusing Rachel Leake of practicing! Face it: they like the current system because their loved one(s) benefited from it; I am 100% positive they would be just as against the system were their loved one(s) robbed of those organs the way Rachel Leake, and her mother, were.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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