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Sunday, April 13, 2008

NY Yankess Avoid Curse, May Pursue Lawsuit

Construction workers removed the tattered remains of a Red Sox baseball jersey from 2' of concrete at the site of the new stadium to avoid a curse.

Apparently, a construction worker -- a Boston Red Sox fan -- placed the jersey there when the concrete was being poured in order to jinx the Yankees. When overseers discovered it, they alerted others. The decision was made to dig it up and remove it in order to avoid any "curse" the jersey might inflict.

Baseball is well-known for its superstitions. Players are said to have lucky articles of clothing, rituals they must go through before and during play, and more. When a player is doing well, he is said to be "on a streak" and often adheres to strict behavioral codes based on superstitions that, should he change whatever he was doing when his streak began, he risks losing that "mojo."

The jersey bore player, David Ortiz', name. The Yankees are going to give it to charity and may file a suit against the worker.

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