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Friday, May 16, 2008

DNA Clears Lizardman of Attacks

A family whose van was attacked and severely damaged originally thought it had been beset by none other than the legendary Lizard Man. DNA testing exonerated the mythical(?) beast.

A South Carolina couple awoke one morning to see their van had been seriously damaged: the front fender was chewed-up, there were bite marks on the wheel wells, and blood was left on the scene. The Rawsons collected samples and sent it to a lab in California.

The results suggest the van was attacked by a domestic dog, but most people aren't sure about that. As Mr. Rawson said, 'It would have to be one big dog." The sheriff also balks at the results, suggesting it may have been a wolf or large coyote.

The Lizard Man became a local legend about 20 years back, when numerous witnesses reported seeing a tall, big-eyed, unknown creature. While the creature was never identified and reports curtailed, the legend remains and there is no explanation.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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