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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Yes, this is Memorial Day Weekend - no doubt about it! I was told last weekend was and I didn't think that was right, but mentioned it and no one corrected me until after I'd discovered otherwise on my own... regardless, this really is Memorial Day Weekend.

I know most people are probably out and about, so I'm not expecting a whole lot of visits or anything, but since I have no real plans and do have some real work to do, I will be here. I am hoping to get a lot of these articles I bookmarked out of the way and hopefully get into some real, down n dirty, freaky stuff.

Sadly, with BlogCharm's collapse, we lost all the content that had been there. I may do some searches to see if I can recover any of it, but I think it might be too late. Of course, I had wanted to move it here since I established this, but was unable to because BlogCharm blocked me from deleting the content and I didn't want to be penalized for "duplicate content." Really bad outfit and I am glad to see it finally caught-up to them.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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