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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indy's Wild Goose Chase

According to several researchers, the crystal skulls which have been at the center of many books and movies since the 1960s (including the new Indiana Jones movie) are fakes, most likely manufactured in the past several decades.

Many point the finger at 19th-Century French antiques dealer, Eugene Boban. According to documents, Boban sold at least two of the dozen or so crystal skulls that have surfaced and analyzers believe those he handled may have been created within a decade of the time he purchased them - some suggest he may have requisitioned workers to have them made.

Most of the skulls only recently began surfacing - specifically in the 1960s, when New Age Mysticism was at a cultural peak. While research has yet to identify where the quartz used in the works was quarried, possibilities include Madagascar, Brazil - and the Alps. However, those working on the skulls say they have determined that abrasives and rotary wheel technology - both 20th-Century innovations unavailable to ancient peoples. While two of the skulls predate this time period, this research indicates none of them known to exist were fashioned by ancient cultures, such as the Mayans and Aztecs, the forerunners of those previously thought to have created the crystal skulls.

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