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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Moon Plants

A team with links to the ESA (European Space Agency) have found that plants like marigolds can thrive in a rocky, lunar-like environment.

While some excited researchers suggested this may lead to the terraforming of the moon, others say such an idea is pure "science fiction." Many have theorized that, if we can find some way to grow flora on planetary objects such as the moon, there is a chance for human habitation. Others have said the idea is without merit.

Of course, a makeshift environment would have to be provided for them at first, but if they can take root and thrive on their own, a threadbare system of water circulation and recovery could be established. Plants have been grown on the space station with some success and the process here is not altogether dissimilar. Outside of the Earth's atmosphere, the plants are subject to higher doses of radiation and other factors.

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