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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cougar Eats Man in NM

Authorities say a full-grown man was attacked and eaten by a cougar in New Mexico.

A search party found the body of 55-year old, Robert Nawojski, a short way from his home. He lived alone and was known to bathe and shave outdoors. His brother reported him missing a week earlier.

The search party spotted the mountain lion and reported it to authorities. Responding officials shot and wounded the cougar, which ran away. Police then found Nawojski's door open, his water running, and his false teeth on a table.

Authorities report the cougar attacked him outside his home, then dragged him some ways before eating his body. True to its nature, the large cat had buried other parts for later consumption. Remains of other wildlife that had fallen victim to the large cat were found in the surrounding areas.

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