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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dr. Death Alive in Chile?

The Simon Weisenthal Center claims they have strong evidence suggesting Nazi war criminal, Aribert Heim -- aka, Dr. Death -- is hiding-out in Patagonia, Chile.

Heim was probably the most notorious and sadistic of the Nazis. His nickname, Dr. Death, was well-deserved, as Holocaust survivors say he committed the most terrible of atrocities. Injecting victims directly in the heart with gasoline, water, or poison was said to be his favored method of execution. Reports also say he dismembered victims without anesthetic, just to see how much pain they could withstand. Perhaps most horrific of all, Heim used his victims' body parts as decorations. His war crimes are well-known and verifiable, as Dr. Death kept meticulous notes of his atrocities in his own diary.

The Simon Weisenthal Center sent representatives into the region to investigate. They also posted a $495k reward for information leading to his capture and arrest.

Heim was detained by US forces following the war, but released. He practiced medicine in the German town of Baden-Baden until 1962, when he fled the country upon learning authorities were looking to prosecute him. Throughout the years, several stories have surfaced as to his demise, but The Simon Weisenthal Center discounts them all.

If he is still alive, Aribert Heim, aka, Dr. Death, would be 94.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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