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Monday, July 21, 2008

Filthy Iranians Murdering Again

Those horrible Iranians are murdering people again:

At least nine people have been sentenced to death by stoning for various, sex-related offenses. Eight are women and one is a man. According to Iranian "law," men are to be buried up to their waists and women to their chests, and no one stone is to be large enough to kill the victims immediately. Although a "moratorium" was called on the barbaric cruelty in 2002, the barbaric, brutal, and backward Iranians have murdered at least three since then by this method.

Iran is a third-world shithole which regularly practices cruelty to humans and brazenly ignores UN regulations. Most recently, they have threatened the entire world with nuclear attack, yet no one has done anything about it. Nearby Israel performed a fly-over some weeks past, meant to dissuade the Stone Age madmen from their violence toward all other humans. Iran responded with threats of nuclear attack.

Iranian heads of state are presently practicing various acts of provocation toward the US, Israel, and all other countries, nations, religions, lands, and people - including their own! Unfortunately, the UN refuses to take action against the extremist, terrorist capital, and refuses to permit others from taking action against them as well.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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  1. Iran suspended the murders of four people sentenced to death by stoning today and said all others are "under review."

    Full report - Source, BBC