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Friday, July 25, 2008

Inside Tanzania's Witchdoctor Trade

While we continue to follow the persecution of the albinos in Africa (particularly Tanzania), a story like this one puts the fine-point on a topic which has been the focal point of many stories and conversations across the Web lately.

For the most part, The OddBlog and other blogs act as news aggregators and op-ed columns. I am not trying to report news here, just discuss it and bring it to your attention. I never wanted to be a reporter - just isn't my thing. While I love to learn more about all sorts of stuff, I don't much have the journalistic drive for that type of job. Of course, I read a lot of news and am exposed to a lot of news on a daily basis, and it's afe to say that current events are something of a hobby (insomuch as I follow them, to whatever extent) and I like to discuss them.

The reporter here took her very life into her own hands in order to bring us this story - and, more importantly, so she could expose a way of life which is directly responsible for the death of albinos in her country. This is important work and I commend her. I wish there were something more I - and the rest of us - could do for her, but she's very straightforward in saying she knew what she was getting herself into. That doesn't make it any easier to accept, but at least we know that she went into this whole thing with her eyes open - and still went through with it.

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