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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Italy Declares Pompeii Disaster Area

Yes, that title is a teaser.

Italy declared a "state of emergency" for Pompeii, as the historic site has fallen into disrepair. They have earmarked a significant amount of money for revamping the site, and plan to appoint a special commissioner to oversee its future. According to analysts, the site suffers from low-funding, mismanagement, littering, and disrepair; the ancient city of Pompeii has simply been neglected. It is said that over 1500 sq. feet of fresco and plasterwork are lost annually, along with some 3000 pieces of stone, which disintegrates.

Pompeii was covered by volcanic ash in 79 AD. While it destroyed the town and killed most of its population, the ash preserved the fantastic locale, which was excavated in the 18th-Century. The ruins are one of Italy's largest tourist attractions.

The state of emergency will last for one year.

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