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Friday, August 22, 2008

Suspected Serial Killer Charged with Conspiracy

A suspected serial killer being held in Tennessee has been charged with plotting to have two homicide detectives and three witnesses killed.

Bruce Mendenhall is a 57-year old trucker from Illinois who was arrested in conjunction with the deaths of four women.  One of the victim's body has never been found.  He is also the suspect in two murders from two other states.  When arrested, detectives claim Mendenhall had "specks of blood" on his fingers and smears of blood in the cab of his truck.  An investigation discovered "substantial" blood evidence.

They claim Bruce Mendenhall attempted to enlist help in dispatching of the two arresting detectives, as well as the three witnesses while being held in Nashville's Metro Jail.  His first trial is set for January, 2009.

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