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Friday, September 12, 2008

Crude, Crass, and Historically Accurate: The Saga of the Bell Witch

Where I live is the armpit of the nation. That is assuming that you agree that Los Angeles is the asshole.

Decatur County, TN is run by corrupt, prejudiced, and thoroughly ignorant people. Pretty much everyone in or around it has been to jail and many of those have been somehow graduated to felons, even if their original crime was a simple matter of "jaywalking." It is mere miles from Johnson County, TN - the site of the happenings involved in what we might call The Strange Case of the Bell Witch (largely because I love HP Lovecraft and am drunk).

But this is not a case to be taken lightly. There are few, documented cases of True Elemental activity and, of them, the Bell Witch remains first and foremost. It is the most well-documented, the most acclaimed, and brings with it the most eyewitnesses.

I am going to personally testify on the case of the Bell Witch in a manner unprecedented to now:

Having lived in this region for the past three years, I have personally experienced things and collected stories that are certain to stun you as a reader. None are related to the paranormal, though all will certainly shed some light on what I am individually certain is a bonafide case of Elemental activity.

Did you know that God told The Black Man certain things which made him run, screaming madly, from The Garden of Eden into the Great Beyond, thus hitting branches and so forth along the way which flattened his nose, beat down his brow, and flattened his feet? Nor did I.

Did you know that a woman can mix her menstrual fluid in a jar of brown whiskey to create a love potion which will ensorcel a man forever? Me neither.

Somewhere between what I am going to tell you and what actually happened, you will (I hope) discover that the Saga of the Bell Witch is very, all too, real. But let us not mistake that I am no psychologist, I am no modern parapsychologist; I am simply a folklorist in search of what I have believed, since childhood, to be the truth behind a series of inexplicable events which gripped a young state in its infancy.

As attested to by dozens, if not hundreds, of eyewitnesses - many of whom have been personally verified, as to their existence, by myself at the time of the events reported.

The things I am going to tell you are, well? Basically racist. Largely jaw-dropping. And completely true.

Lest we forget, I am risking my freedom, safety, and sanity to bring these things to you. So, donations are accepted.

And discussion is warranted.

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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