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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cult Kidnaps, Beats Woman

A 42-year old woman found severely beaten and lying in a ditch claims she was kidnapped and beaten by a Santeria cult she formerly belonged to.

Michelle Wood says she was once a member of a cult in Florida which practices Santeria, a Satanic religion most prevalent in the Caribbean. She quit nine months ago and began attending a Christian church.

She says she was confronted by men who took her to a house where people were using drugs. Inside was a bound teenage boy they threatened to kill if she did not participate in rituals. She was attacked by a woman wielding a knife and led outside to where a fire was burning. Wood managed to escape, but the group caught-up to her Sunday.

They were preparing for the Autumn Equinox and needed her as part of the Circle. While she does not remember many of the details following and was once hospitalized for being suicidal, police say she was found with nylon rope around her wrists and that there was "obvious cult activity." An investigation is underway.

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