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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

DNA Evidence May Prove King Alive, Not Doing so Well

A Cleveland doctor who claimed Elvis Presley (the "King of Rock n Roll") was alive and he was treating him may now have DNA evidence to back-up his claim.

According to FOX News, Kansas City-based doctor, Donald Henton, claims he has been treating a patient who is actually the King, himself.  He has been using his deceased brother's name.  The man at the center of the controversy claims he faked his death with the help of his manager and that Priscilla Presley has known all along.

The doctor has presented at least one photograph of the man he claims is Elvis Presley, now known as "Jessie." Reporter, Suzanne Stratford, obtained DNA from Presley's autopsy, a Nashville-based friend, and a tissue sample taken when Elvis was alive.  None of the three matched.  Further, none of them matched the DNA sample "Jessie" provided.

In an even more bizarre twist, 46 year-old Eliza Presley (who recently changed her name from Alice Elizabeth Tiffin) popped-up out of the blue, claiming to be the daughter of Elvis' father, Vernon - making her Elvis' half-sister.  She told a Memphis, TN probate court she based her claim partially on a DNA sample sent her by this same "Jessie."  But while Eliza's mother, still alive, admits she was part of Elvis' social circle for a while, she denies ever having a child by him or his father.

A Scottsdale, AZ lab technician compared the DNA from "Jessie" and Eliza to that of a known living cousin of Elvis Presley's and declared them a match.

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