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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Man Shoots Boss at Office Christmas Party

Eric Allen Kirkpatrick, recently laid-off, returned to his former place of employment and opened fire during a Christmas party, killing his former boss. While reports suggest Kirkpatrick fired several shots into a crowd of at least 20 people, no one else was injured.

Kirkpatrick was laid-off on December 11th. Many Americans are losing their jobs, as prices continue to rise and employment continues to decline. While politicians insist America is not in a financial recession, statistics dispute their statements. While Kirkpatrick was charged with first-degree (premeditated) murder, his situation suggests an altered state of mind, so I expect the defense to go with an insanity plea.

Police surrounded the building, locked down the neighborhood, and ushered others to safety. They negotiated with the shooter for two hours before taking him into custody.

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