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Friday, December 5, 2008

Prescription Firearms

I think I need a "ridiculous" tag. A small arms manufacturer has produced a gun specifically designed for the elderly and disabled -- a gun they may be able to get by prescription!

The Palm Pistol is the world's first ergonomic firearm. Instead of a trigger, it is designed to fit in the palm and is fired by pressing a button on the top with your thumb. "Point and shoot couldn't be easier," the New Jersey-based gun manufacturer says. Even stupider, the Palm Pistol has been certified a Class I Medical Device by the FDA.

Now, think about that: 

The FDA routinely denies new medical advancements based on "moral" / religious grounds, as well as all other manner of asinine reasonings (almost always tied to money received from lobbyists), but they have classified a gun for the elderly and disabled a Class I Medical Device!

While the manufacturer is taking $25 deposits from interested parties, the gun is not yet available for sale. If they are successful in having it classified as "durable medical equipment," it will be covered by most insurance companies.

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