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Friday, December 5, 2008

Ghost Adventures Live Chat Tonight!

Don't forget to join us here to The OddBlog tonight after the show for the Ghost Adventures Live Chat event. It will be embedded here, so you can access it right from The OddBlog.

Tonight, Zack and crew investigate the Old Idaho Penitentiary. You can see a preview of tonight's episode here. After that, they will be joining us online for a live chat, which you can access right here (post coming later)!

Be sure to watch tonight's Ghost Adventures as they investigate the Old Idaho Penitentiary, then join us at The OddBlog to chat with Zack and the rest of the guys.

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  1. i am a big fan of ghost adventures and i want to be one and i have always been into ghosts and i will watch ur show over and over agian and i give u guys props for not acting like little girls and being tough the first time i saw the very first episode i was hooked on the show and i am watching moundsville penitentairy and this just makes me want to go there and do a paranormal investigation there with others who are interested in waht i am and just keep doing wat ur doing and i love ur show so zack i look up to u and i want to do what u do for a living

  2. my name is madisen and i have always wanted to be just like u because when i was at my aunt and uncles house my aunt told me a shocing story about her friend haveing a message being said to her and that was two or three weeks after my grandfather had passed on and my grandpa was a construction builder and he designed a pool for them and he never got to see it only on paper and when it was finished he went to my aunts friend and said to her to tell this to frank wich is my uncle adn he said tell him the pool turned out the way i wanted to turn out and she has never met my grand father and my aunt and uncle have smelled cigarettes smock around and outside of the hose and he was a smoker so they told eacheother and niether of them smock so he only did when he was at there house to spend time with his family and i got to meet him for the first time and he always smelled like smoke so send me a comment kk my nick name is marisol so i go by marisol!!!!!