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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Times Square Kiss-Off

Organizers held a pre-New Year's Eve kissing seminar in Times Square the other day. Advertised on craiglist and elsewhere, the seminar matched-up 50 couples from the participants who showed up. They passed out lip gloss while an emcee offered kissing tips. Judges then scored the couples on their performance.

The idea came from the long-held superstition about kissing on New Year's Eve, a time surrounded with superstitions based on luck for the new year; kissing someone on New Year's Day, right after the countdown, is said to bring you good luck the year-round. Organizers suggested couples abstain from kissing until the big day, to make it more special.

Many of the participants had never met one another before and some even exchanged information with plans to date!

© C Harris Lynn, 2008

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  1. So kissing really is a good luck charm every new year's eve. I wonder if kissing to your aunts and gradma counted as good luck kisses.