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Monday, January 19, 2009

Chattanoogans Find Art Repulsive, Seek Censoring

Ah, Tennessee... is there anymore wretched, inbred, corrupt a place in all America?  Not for my money, and my money goes to pay for shit exactly like this:

City Councilman, Jack Benson, is looking into ways to charge one Chaya Anavi with anything he can to "make an example of her" and her "frightening and grotesque" art display.  Anavi told authorities she is developing an art project on her lawn which includes the dismembered parts of mannequins in various states of what appear to be gruesome deaths.  One mannequin has a corncob in its mouth which some dumb, fucking hillbilly said is meant to portray a vibrator (The Chattanoogan - ever intrepid -- explained parenthetically, sexual toy).

Anavi insisted she was within her 1st Amendment rights and the display was no different than a nativity scene or the like; The Weirding concurs.  But Tennessee does not give a goddamn about such things as "civil rights" or "personal freedoms" and actively seeks to overturn them at all times.

The city is hoping to bring charges of littering and creating a public disturbance against the artist, who has been cited to city court next Thursday, January 29th.  Follow the link cited and check out pic #5, which could technically be construed as "littering," but only if TN officials are willing to do the same to everyone with washing machines and cars on bricks in their yards.

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  1. Having seen the pictures - which, by the way, any fifth-grader could have taken - I am still conflicted as to what value this display has and/or the message it is to impart.

    However, I have a good feeling it says something about strip clubs (titty bars, shake junts - whatever you wish to call them). That's just my guess.

    At any rate, if she wants to call it "Art," who am I to defy her? The execution is poor, but she said it's a WIP, so I'll call it "art." Whatever's going on in her front yard, I know it's her business!

    Get all the couches off the porches, the washing machines out of the front yards, and so on, and we'll discuss this like rational adults.

  2. Here is some really good coverage on the matter, much of which makes many of the same points I do.

    The truth is that people do not have to be subjected to others' "rights" and that's been taken way too far in this country. My position is that Tennesseeans are so eager to make this point whenever and however they can, and they most certainly do trample all over civil rights to do so.

    Perhaps I jumped the gun here, because I do not see any artistic merit in this "display," whatsoever, but I am so damned sick and tired of the Good Ol' Boy Network and these "Down-Home Southern Boys" making the exact wrong decisions for all the rest of us that I'd gladly look at some third-rate "artist"'s work if it means poking the eye of a right-wing extremist and self-proclaimed "Christian" who cheats on his wife with random dudes at truck stops and pays for their services in crack rocks.