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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Check Out the Rest of the Site

I know most of you come here specifically for odd news - the paranormal and Supernatural, cryptozoological stuff, and just plain weird bits - and I'm so glad you do! But I also know few of you check out the rest of The Weirding, and I wish you'd take a moment to do so.

We cover a slew of topics there, from comic books and tabletop roleplaying games to writing to Cyberculture - and more than a few of them are classifiably "odd." Regular readers know that we get our share of "crossover" posts (which usually include a link to whatever other department they crosssover with), so you really never know what you might find. In particular, the Chill and Dark Conspiracy games deal directly with the subjects we cover here - I link to a lot of posts from those departments, in fact - so you might get a kick out of checking those out (though they're entirely fictitious).

I spend a whole lot of time developing The Weirding - that's where I am most of the times I'm not here - so I obviously want people to check it out, but seeing as how The OddBlog is part of The Weirding, you guys in particular just might find something you dig!

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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