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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pinky, the Albino Dolphin

Pinky, the Albino Dolphin
Pinky, the Albino Dolphin
It's been a banner few months for odd-colored beasties, hasn't it?  Well, here's yet another from the inland saltwater estuary of Louisiana, Lake Calcasieu:

Pinky is an albino dolphin that was first spotted in the lake last year.  It has been photographed, and draws spectators to the lake in droves.  Pinky is the same color over his entire body, and has pinkish-red eyes.  Pinky has begun swimming away from his mother more lately, but usually stays with the pod.

At least one marine biologist said he has never seen a bottlenose dolphin of this color in all his career.  There is an endangered dolphin of another type in South America which is called the "pink dolphin," or boto, but Pinky is not of that species; Pinky is thought to be an actual albino dolphin.

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