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Sunday, March 8, 2009

World Water Shortages by 2025

More than 25,000 conservationists are set to meet in Istanbul this month to discuss the world's growing water shortage issues. According to some analysts, 2/3 of the world will face major water shortages by 2025.

However, many common sense people - myself included - note that most of these people who will face this shortage live in areas where water is not abundant... and at least 70% of the Earth is made of water. Droughts, climate issues, and so forth aside, if you live in a desert, then water shortages are simply something with which you should be left to deal on your own.

I'm not obtuse; as I sit here, unable to afford to move to a better place, I understand that not all of these people have much of a choice. However, instead of wondering what we can do to better provide them with even more resources where they are, why aren't we determining a way to move them somewhere more palatable?

And if religious/traditional/cultural morés and standards are what is keeping them from doing so, then leave them to their own devices. Sorry to say, but if they die-out due to stubbornness, then that's Natural Selection doing its Thing.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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