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Friday, April 10, 2009

Bullet Injures Woman... 12 Years After She Was Shot!

In 1997, Mrike Rrucaj was shot in the cheek as she laid in bed. At the ER, the doctor told her the bullet had passed through her cheek and cleaned the wound. The time was one of civil unrest in Albania and doctors were often faced with seriously injured patients, "...not someone standing up and talking to them," as another doctor said.

But, 12 years later, Mrike collapsed in pain. When she got to the hospital, the bullet showed up on an X-ray. It had not gone through her cheek, but had been lodged in her head for over a decade! It was nearly 3cm long.

In 1997, fraudulent pyramid schemes and other problems had led to civil unrest, and Albania was a violent place. Shootings and gunfire were commonplace and some 2000-3000 Albanians died during that time. The chief neurosurgeon of Albania's military hospital, who treated Ms. Rrucaj, said, "It is easy to judge the doctor now, but it was quite different back in 1997."

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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