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Sunday, April 19, 2009

More on Legalizing Drugs

Economist and Harvard Lecturer, Jeffrey Miron, wrote an intriguing piece on CNN a while back, calling for the legalization of drugs. As regular readers know, a British intellectual recently made our little blog when he suggested much the same. But while Prof. David Nutt was simply suggesting certain drugs be reclassified as less dangerous, Miron suggests the entire prohibition of drugs be lifted.

As he successfully argues, violence is the norm in the drug trade specifically because those involved in it have no other means by which to resolve their disputes. They cannot sue, they cannot enter arbitration, they cannot use advertising to best their competition. He also notes that violence was the norm when alcohol was prohibited, but not before and not after. He adds gambling and prostitution, as well; violence is not common where these practices are legal.

In his piece, Miron goes on to offer numerous other reasons for the legalization of drugs and the drug industry. His article is well-written and recommended, as you may have heard many of the arguments he presents, but his ability to communicate makes them resonate. Commenting is closed on the piece, though some of the comments included are worth reading.

In general, it seems more and more people are in favor of legalizing the drug industry, specifically so it can be controlled. They are tired of the violence, the tactics used by police, the harsh punishments associated with drugs, and all that goes along with the "war on drugs" which has been going on for decades now and has done absolutely no one any good.

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