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Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Mysterious Figure Resembling a Human Being"

According to the Gulf Times (Qatar's Top-Selling English Newspaper, it proudly proclaims), an expatriate Arab woman spotted "a mysterious figure resembling a human being." Despite being terribly frightened, she managed to snap a photo of the creature, which appears here.

Two things here: first, and most obvious, this looks a little hokey. Is it real? It's hard for me to say and I'm no expert in any field which would allow me to offer any kind of suitable, "professional" technical... anything which would be useful as to that.

The second is that I have seen a figure very similar to this in at least one other picture - a picture often referenced as one which cannot be proven, nor disproven, as authentic. As many of you are fellow phenomenalists, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about (and seeing as I am on dial-up, I simply do not have the time or patience to look it up right now - if anyone comes across it, I'd really appreciate a link in the comments!).

As always, The OddBlog takes the usual stance: we are very open to believing what many consider "unbelievable," but we don't like to be had. It's very possible we're too cynical and the woman, along with the throng of onlookers the article assures us surrounded her following the encounter, actually snapped a photograph of a strange creature - and the creature pictured is absolutely strange; but it's a little more possible (we're not saying probable - not yet) that the Gulf Times wanted to ensure it remains the top-selling English newspaper of Qatar. Whatever the hell Qatar is.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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  1. Which answers no question posed.

    (BTW: the whole country?)

    What is the general language spoken/written there or whatever, or is their slogan more historic than a selling-point? Aren't Qatars half-horse or something? Do you refer to yourselves as Qatarians? I think there is a planet or alien race in the Marvel Universe called Qatar.

    Thanks for commenting!