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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sorry - Moving

Sorry, guys. I don't think I mentioned to you all that we are moving this week. We started in earnest yesterday and got several things moved into our new place today. We also got some of the cleanup started - and there is a lot of that to do! The place is a real... well, let's not start things off on a sour note, shall we?

Anyway, we have until the 1st to be out of here and have many, many things to do in this short time. I packed a box of "immediate" books to be taken to the new house and it got rerouted to storage, so I'm at a loss for good reference material, but we've made-do in the past and will make-do this time around. Still, we will be a little wobbly as we find our feet the next few weeks.

It will be a while before we get settled in our new place, a while before we find a place for everything and get everything a place, and so on. Posts will almost certainly be sparse periodically, but we will be around.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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