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Monday, May 25, 2009

Greece Frees Cross-Dressing Britons

17 male Britons from Bristol were arrested in Crete for "scandal and misrepresentation of a costume or uniform." Police received accounts of the men lifting their fancy dresses and nuns' habits to reveal G-strings or their bare bottoms. They weer arrested Sunday and spent the night in jail. They faced a judge this morning in the same dress in which they were arrested. The British Embassy in Athens confirmed all 17 were freed.

Apparently, Malia has been crowned a "party spot" by young, British travelers, joining the list of several other resorts on the islands. The behavior of young Britons in Greece reached scandalous heights in 2005, with Greece's tourism minister calling an emergency meeting after photographs of Britons having sex in public appeared in newspapers in both countries. In 2003, a British vacationer was killed in a bar brawl started by Britons. A month later, another British adolescent was charged for starting a brawl.

The Greek mayor also blames the hundreds of Greek bar and club owners and vacation agents who organize pub crawls and encourage drunkenness. Charges of orgies, rape, and more have been levied at vacationing Britons throughout the decade.

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