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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ghost Adventures at Magnolia Plantation - Sneak!

The Ghost Adventures crew is going where no paranormal team has gone before with the first investigation of Magnolia Plantation in Natchitoches, LA. Catch this all-new episode Friday at 9 PM E/P on the Travel Channel.

Built in 1830 to grow and harvest cotton, the Magnolia Plantation consists of 5,000 acres of land. Shamefully, many slaves labored and died in the vast farming fields of the plantation. The Ghost Adventures crew uncovers evidence of voodoo rituals that many of the slaves used to seek revenge on the plantation owners. The GA crew discovers that the spirits of the repressed and tortured souls are still alive in this national park.

Check out the preview of tomorrow night's new episode!

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  1. welcome to the way we live in the deep south, this is normal behavior for us that are raised in places others forget about.

  2. Actually us in Natchitoches thought this was a dang JOKE