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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Healthy Fellow

A while back, I told you to get ready for a slew of posts about food. I was reading a couple of books, one a cookbook and the other a kind of history of food-type book, and there was a lot of information on herbs, dishes, drinks, and rituals associated with food that figured into a lot of the superstitions, myths, legends, and lore from around the world. It got me thinking about the whole idea and since we sometimes cover health-related items here as a matter of course, I thought it would make for good reading. Unfortunately, this was just a few weeks before it became certain that I was moving and things got hairy (as they have too often lately). We'll get to all of it one of these days - assuming we have the luxury.

I say that because I really am trying to live healthier. After this surgery, I may well feel like a kid again - I'll at least be able to lead a far more active life than I have these last 6-7 years... if I get in shape to actually take advantage of it. So I'm pleased to tell you I found a truly well-written, knowledgeable health blog I can recommend. Even better, Healthy Fellow focuses on natural foods and a food-based (holistic) approach to health - which is right up our alley!

So, one of these days, I'll post some of those ideas I had about food, folklore, and superstitions, etc., but it's not like I can give you any advice on living healthfully. Healthy Fellow can do that. I read it.

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