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Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Sources

Well, for the most part, the "30-mile Yardsale" was a bust.  Pretty much everyone and their brother piled shit they didn't want on their front lawn and, even though we were some of the first out there (we left home at 5:30a - my dad comes from a long line of dedicated yard-salers), there just wasn't much to be had.

There were two, distinct types of sellers: those who just wanted to get rid of their crap and those who thought they were going to redecorate their homes with the proceeds.  There were just too many of the latter to land any real "finds."  These people were selling pens and pencils for $1.00 a piece!  Regardless, as far as books, comics, and RPG go, there was absolutely nothing to be had.  I got a great deal on a Yamaha drum machine but, other than that, nothing.

Still, I managed to pick up one new source: Ripley's Believe it or Not! 9th Series.  I wrote a post concerning plagiarism over to Weird Ink (the Writing department) which is kind of a digression here, but needed to be mentioned in case anyone is interested in learning more about how these sources are used.  You can find a list of sources used in the Links section of the left sidebar and under the sources tag.

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