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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lawyer Sues Church Praying for His Death

Mike Weinstein is suing the founders of the Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches, Gordon Klingenschmitt and Jim Ammerman, to make them "stop asking Jesus to plunder my fields ... seize my assets, kill me and my family, then wipe away our descendants for 10 generations." Weinstein's lawyer says it is not a matter of religion or free speech, but incitement. Klingenschmitt's audience contains "unstable people" who might act "in God's name."

Klingenschmitt denies the charges, and told reporters, "I never prayed for anyone's death; I pray the Psalm that [Mikey Weinstein's] days are few. All I did was quote the Scriptures." His prayers can be found online on several websites, as well as on YouTube.

Weinstein founded the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and says the harassment started when he objected to Christians proselytizing at the Air Force Academy. While he hopes to stop Klingenschmidt and Ammerman from "encouraging, soliciting, directing, abetting or attempting to induce others [to harass and/or harm him or his family]," he also said he hopes the lawsuit financially cripples the Full Gospel Churches.

Unknown parties have left dead animals on the Weinsteins' porch, thrown feces at their home, and emblazoned a swastika on their house.

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