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Friday, November 13, 2009

Ghost Adventures Tonight: Poveglia

Tonight's Ghost Adventures investigation is a dream come true for Zak, Nick, and Aaron. Poveglia Island is an infamous hotspot of paranormal activity so enshrouded in controversy that Venetian locals and tourists alike are banned from visiting! The team's experiences were so intense, they decided not to include some scenes.

At one point, Zak is overcome with anger and hatred. He believes he was taken over by a demonic spirit, but he chose not to include all that happened in the episode because it is so personally disturbing. It is the first experience to ever force the team to pause an investigation out of fear for their safety!

On Poveglia, is an insane asylum built on the ashes and bones of thousands of bubonic plague victims. Thousands of people have died on the island as a result of plaugue, war, tsunami, and murder.

Many of the locals in Venice refuse to even talk about Poveglia. Part of this dark energy is because during the plagues, those who showed signs of the illness were taken to the island against their will. They were left to die there, and their bodies were burned and buried.

© C Harris Lynn, 2009

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